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  1. Bear weight overexagerations

    12/21/07 08:14:59 | 0 Comments

    Here is my opinion...

    I believe African lions as a whole average 410 lbs. In some regions, the average is higher, and in a few pockets perhaps 440-450 lbs is the average. In other regions, it's lower -- as low as 350 lbs average in Waza NP. Even 350 lbs is an amazing cat image The largest freak lions can get to 600 lbs.

    I used to believe that Asiatic lions are only slightly smaller -- but...
  2. Lion vs Tiger from the book The Gir Lion (Author: hari shanker singh).

    12/21/07 00:09:14 | 1 Comments

    The next two pages....

  3. Lion vs Tiger from the book The Gir Lion (Author: hari shanker singh).

    12/20/07 23:04:09 | 0 Comments

    Don't misss all the side basrs image

  4. Lion vs Tiger from the book The Gir Lion (Author: hari shanker singh).

    12/20/07 22:11:14 | 0 Comments

    The following is from the book The Gir Lion (2007) (Author: Hari Shanker Singh).

    Thanks for Imperial_Kalo (Spirit Lion) for scanning this.

  5. Best 5 Wildlife documentaries?

    12/15/07 02:52:34 | 1 Comments

    The BBC Planet Earth has to be in top 5. Any other candidates?
    From Pole to Pole 1

  6. Researcher mail: Wolverine Favoured To Beat The Wolf Yet Again!! Wolf quits!!

    12/12/07 04:20:50 | 0 Comments

    I would very much like to read what EvilThought thinks about this issue.

    Good post. I am not an expert on wolverine but the last post cleared it up. Old legends must be taken with a grain of salt, and some of the most extraordinary claims attributed to wolverine are obviously myths.

    Gato Ghordo wrote:
    It is evident that Box lives in a world of fantasy. I've never...
  7. Tiger: Can a 10'7" Wild Tiger be 857 lbs?

    12/08/07 19:51:22 | 0 Comments

    Fact is, 600 lbs is likely the upper limit. Maybe 650 lbs (but this could apply to the 600 lb Lion that was weighed after death - after being ill and likely not eating). 650 lbs is very upper limite and I posted very good reason why that would be the case

    Also, the skull of this 857 lb tiger is SMALLER than avergae bengal tiger!! I confirmed that part with Smithsonian.

  8. Measurements of 50 Male Asiatic Lions killed by Hunters

    12/07/07 03:13:46 | 1 Comments

    Spirit Lion wrote:
    Here is a pretty vast collection of Asiatic lions killed by hunters, not I do not consider most hunting records credible, but its a pretty large collection of data that most hardcore lion fans would be interested in. It is interesting to note, that hunter's measurements of Asiatic lions are the same size as hunting measurements with African Lions. Obviously this took a while to type up, so I would...
  9. Tiger: Can a 10'7" Wild Tiger be 857 lbs?

    12/06/07 06:45:10 | 0 Comments


    This letter was part of the pdf file that Craig Ludwig (Smithsonian Data Manager) sent me. The author of this letter was guaranteeing himself that Smithsonian tiger was...
  10. Tiger: Can a 10'7" Wild Tiger be 857 lbs?

    12/03/07 15:50:26 | 0 Comments

    I sent him the link to your scan. Let's see if he responds. I asked him twice that before and both times his response was He responded immediately

    Says it followed the curves, then that's what it was. The weight was derived from a regression analysis based on known weights and measurements (chest girth, head-body length) of seven adult males (see Table 1, J. Wildl. Manage. 47(1): 257, 1983). You are right, I guess. I also accept now that all these other lengths were...


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    Evilthought, please, can you send to me, or put in the forum, the reference (Autor, book, date, etc.) of the tables about the bengal tiger sizes? Thanks.

    Psd. Forgive my english, I`m not a native speaker.